Paramus Physical Therapy

All Doctors and Support Personnel are 100% Vaccinated

We have created a MEDICAL SAFE ZONE with triple-layered germicidal hospital and laboratory virus inactivating UVC lights and hospital and laboratory-grade anti-microbial air filtration that captures and destroys viruses upon contact:

  • Three types of UVC lighting units are used constantly, to denature and destroy aerosolized coronavirus particles, bacteria, and other microbes. (1)

  • Anti-Microbial air filtration equipment captures and destroys airborne coronaviruses, bacteria, and other microbes upon contact. (2)

  • Fresh Air Monitors in each clinic continuously track fresh air levels so inside airflow mirrors fresh outside air.

  • All staff is required to wear gloves and Advanced Nanofiber Technology Masks; the only masks that filter antigens as small as .1 microns (significantly smaller than .3 microns filtered by N95 and KN95), to trap and prevent the smallest virus particles.

Our practice exceeds CDC protocols for respiratory illness prevention:

  • Complimentary PPE is provided to all patients.​

  • Social distancing, patients 8’ from each other.

  • Patient sanitizing is required upon arrival. Sanitizing stations are located throughout the office.

  • Doctors and staff sanitize hands before and after each patient contact.

  • Rigorous and continuous cleaning of all frequently-touched surfaces.

  • All surfaces, floors, equipment, and air ducts are sanitized daily with a Coronavirus-specific disinfectant.

We are the ONLY FACILITY where it is SAFE to receive the care you need.

Your health will be protected at the highest level.

Medical supplies have been donated to others in need.


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(1) Our three distinct UVC lighting appliances are proven effective in destroying all airborne and infectious microorganisms, viruses, measles, colds, and flu.
(2)Hospital-grade air filtration effectively filters 99.5% of harmful ultrafine pollution particles down to 0.003 microns in size. This is 100 times smaller than what is achieved with ordinary air filtration technology and 10 times smaller than a virus, including the coronavirus.